Friday, April 15, 2011

Pineapple Express

What does pineapple and pine cones have in common? You probably figured it out since they both have pine in their names, but if you didn't, let me tell you.  The word pineapple was first recorded in 1398 to describe the reproductive organs of conifer trees which is now called pine cones according to Wikipedia.

Ok, all my educational friends, I know that Wikipedia is not a credible source in your eyes but we are going to use it for this purpose because it is interesting.  I did not even make the connection between the two but maybe my spanish speakers did because pineapples are called piƱa "pinecone" in Spain.

Pineapples are supposedly great for digestive issues and have been said to help with inflammatory issues by either eating or applying topically.  I have not tried the topical route but I think I will find out more about this and share later.

What I really want to show you is how I cut up a pineapple.  It is really easy and a cheap fruit to buy when in season, which is right now, April & May but can be March through July.

First when you select your pineapple you want to not get one that has a strong, sweet smell. This is too overripe.  The one that I took photos of, is really too ripe. I let it go about four days too long.  Look it over and make sure no soft spots or visable damage, then grasp one of the inner crown leaves and gently tug straight up from the top of the fruit.  If it comes out easily, your pineapple is ripe and ready to go. So once you pick your pineapple, you will take it home and rinse it off.

Then cut off about 1/2 inch of the top and 1/2 inch of the bottom.  You can see that the bottom core of this pineapple is brown.  They is telling you again that this is overripe.

Next you are going to slice the outer skin off by cutting downward on the pineapple. You can see that I sort of create a hexagon.

Then cut into slices. I usually do about a quarter inch thick.

Then cut your slices into quarter pieces. Sometimes you will notice that the core part of your pieces is too hard to eat.  You just need to cut this part off or do not eat.  Some people actually core the pineapple before cutting into pieces.  You can also cut wedges by just cutting the pineapple into four long pieces and then cutting these wedges into little chunks.  Whatever you choose, just try one.  It is easier than you think. I will say that I like the wedges because they are easy to eat and also easy to use on the grill on skewers.

So get to the store and buy a pineapple while they are in season and cheap. If you do buy one, enjoy!


  1. I love pineapple! It's yummy. I never knew how to tell if they were ripe or not.

  2. Did you know you can plant the top and have a nice house plant?

  3. I adore pineapple! Just had some in a chia seed pudding parfait yesterday for breakfast!

  4. Mike, I just was told this by a friend. Alex, this sounds delicious!

  5. yes, i love grilled Pineapple. that's how i cut it. i make long slices and put it directly on the grill surface. it gets tha charred favor. i then plant the head. i have one producing a little Pineapple as we speak. check it out on my link.



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