Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Like Peaches, Yes I Do

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I actually love peaches.  I love the smell, I love the taste so lets talk peaches.

Did you know that the peach tree is native to China?  I didn't.  The peach tree is a deciduous tree, which means that the fruit falls off once matured.  Also the name peach comes from the early European belief that peaches were native to Persia.  Isn't that funny since they are actually from China.  Maybe they should be called Cheaches.

Peaches need a little bit cooler temperature.  This is why they really do not grow in the tropics.  Where in the United States do peaches grow? Any ideas? This should be easy especially because people say Georgia Peach all the time. They also grow in California and South Carolina.  These are the most notable states but they do grow other places.  Right here in Oklahoma we have the Stratford Peach.  There is even a festival,
Peach Festival in Stratford, Oklahoma.

My favorite way to each peaches right now are topped with greek yogurt and a little bit of honey.  These are white peaches and they are delicious.

As with lots of fruits, there are many varieties of peaches.  There are melting and non-melting.  There are yellow flesh, white flesh, and several more.  If you want some more information about types, check out Peach Varieties.

One last note. When are peaches in season? They are mainly in season from May to August.  Good to know so go eat some peaches!!!


  1. I love peaches too. I especially miss the peaches from Central Texas.

  2. Come home to Virginia. The peaches in Crozet are calling!



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