Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 Day Slim Down Day 2

It is day 2 of the Tone It Up Slim Down and I will tell you I woke up tired. I did not sleep the greatest so I am thinking this is some of it.  I did do my 30 minute bootycall this morning with Chloe.  It was a little difficult because of being tired but it was done.

My first meal was the slim down scramble again. After eating it though, I realized I was supposed to have a protein pancake. It pays to read over the plan each day, which I will now be doing.

This is an egg white scramble with mushrooms, spinach, and Ms. Dash for seasoning.  I drank a large cup of water with this meal.

Remember that you need to consume about half your body weight in water. They recommend getting at least 90 ounces of water in a day while on the slim down. This has not been trouble for me.  The more water I drink, the more I want to consume.

Meal 2 consisted of grapes this morning. I am trying to use up the fruits I had in the fridge.

After this meal, I was extremely hungry. Tried to drink water to take the edge off. Helped a little. I will also tell you that my energy level was almost non-exist at this point.  I feel this happens when I cut out all carbs from my diet. The first couple of days are bad and then I get my energy back.  I think everyone is different though.

Meal 3 was switched for meal 4. I ate my snack before my salad because I was still so hungry. I ended up having carrots and some hummus.

Next I ate my salad.  This ended up being very good.  I had the Morningstar crumbles which I added Ms Dash Southwest Chipolte seasoning.  Heated the crumbles in the microwave and then topped on the salad with lettuce, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and sugar snaps.  It was really delicious.

I thought I would make it to the pool and then said no, but I did end up going and swam some laps and played in the water for awhile.

I also did these exercises to the best of MY ability.  I was like Karena.  Kept falling off.

These were actually fun.  Wish I was on the beach like K&K though.

My dinner ended up being the fish packets that I had last night. They were very easy and really tasty so I though why not do the same thing.

Not sure if I will have meal 6 tonight. I am not very hungry now and probably will just watch some TV or read and hit the bed early. Day 3 is close!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

7 Day Slim Down Day 1

Well I have made it through Day 1 of the Tone It Up 7 day slim down.  I was not sure what to expect but it wasn't that hard at all. First Chloe and I got out for a 30 minute walk.

I felt really great after this walk and was ready for the day.  Next came Meal 1 which was called the slim down scramble. This consists of spinach, mushrooms, and egg whites with Ms Dash.  It really calls for tomatoes but I did not have them. I also forgot to buy spinach so I used some frozen chopped spinach. I actually liked it better. Eat this with a big glass of water. I also made coffee with almond milk but this will be something I have to get used to because I usually like my coffee with heavy cream.

Meal 2 consists of fruit.  Supposed to be a grapefruit but I used the remaining strawberries that I had on hand.  I did not want them to go bad.  

Also something that they taught me is to add fruit to your water.  I have loved this because sometimes you just get tired of drinking plain water.  Today I added strawberries and limes.

Meal 3 was a huge salad which I put zuchinni, squash, mushrooms, and topped it with leftover turkey burger.  I also added some Raspberry Vinagrette.  I am not a fan of dressing at all but do not mind this one.  It actually was very good on this salad.  

I next went to the pool.  It is really hot in Oklahoma this year but I love the pool.  This gave me a chance to do the second part of my exercise.  I did laps and water walking for 30 plus minutes.  

Meal 4 came after the pool. I loved this one. I made a Mocha Chocolate Protein Shake. Just take 1/2 cup of water, scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 tsp of instant coffee, and 5 ice cubes. Blend away.  It is so good. Like a Frappuccino.

Meal 5 included fish, zucchini, mushrooms, and squash cooked in a foil packet.  I added a little bit of Ms. Dash, olive oil, and chicken stock.

I also want to mention that I went ahead and cut up mushrooms, zucchini, and squash so that it is already ready for tomorrow's meals.  I have learned that if I do this, I am more apt to use them.  

Meal 6 was a little greek yogurt topped with stevia, cinnamon, and slivered almonds. I LOVE greek yogurt and this was a great way to end my day of food.  

To wrap up everything. I would say I have gotten about nine cups of fruit and veggies into my meals today. That is great. Way more than the recommended serving amounts. I also feel pretty full today. I will say that I was extremely tired though. Might be the heat.

Well until tomorrow.

Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Day Slim Down

I am not sure if you have heard of the Tone It Up diet plan but my next couple of posts are going to be about me doing their 7 day slim down.

The Tone It Up plan was developed by Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson.  I encourage you to check out their blog. With the plan, there is an initial investment but then you get updates for free.  I already think the amount I paid is so worth it.

One thing I love about them is that they have great support through Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.  You feel like they are right there with you while on the plan. Plus they are constantly adding new videos to Youtube all the time. Here is a sample.

In doing these posts for the next 7 days, I want to share my experience, to not only help me but help you learn ways to get more fruit and veggies into your every day meals.  It is a lot easier than you think.  You just have to be creative at times.

So first I needed to read over the plan, which I did. Created my grocery list.

Then went grocery shopping.

Check out all those yummy veggies and fruits.  Plus a lot of water! Love Smart Water.  I bought so many goodies that you cannot even see everything.

Tonight I am getting all my fruit and veggies prepped so that I have everything ready for getting started tomorrow.

I am really excited about doing this but a little nervous because I am thinking about my Dr. Pepper and not being able to drink it. Love Dr. Pepper.

So tomorrow I will post my meals and what I did for exercise.  I hope you will continue to join me on this adventure.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Like Peaches, Yes I Do

Courtsey of Free Images
I actually love peaches.  I love the smell, I love the taste so lets talk peaches.

Did you know that the peach tree is native to China?  I didn't.  The peach tree is a deciduous tree, which means that the fruit falls off once matured.  Also the name peach comes from the early European belief that peaches were native to Persia.  Isn't that funny since they are actually from China.  Maybe they should be called Cheaches.

Peaches need a little bit cooler temperature.  This is why they really do not grow in the tropics.  Where in the United States do peaches grow? Any ideas? This should be easy especially because people say Georgia Peach all the time. They also grow in California and South Carolina.  These are the most notable states but they do grow other places.  Right here in Oklahoma we have the Stratford Peach.  There is even a festival,
Peach Festival in Stratford, Oklahoma.

My favorite way to each peaches right now are topped with greek yogurt and a little bit of honey.  These are white peaches and they are delicious.

As with lots of fruits, there are many varieties of peaches.  There are melting and non-melting.  There are yellow flesh, white flesh, and several more.  If you want some more information about types, check out Peach Varieties.

One last note. When are peaches in season? They are mainly in season from May to August.  Good to know so go eat some peaches!!!


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