Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tone It Up Turkey Pumpkin Chili Yumminess

It has been cold this weekend in Oklahoma. We actually got freezing rain and sleet so all I wanted to do this weekend is curl up on the couch, watch TV and read. It was a relaxing weekend.

Well while browsing Instagram, I noticed one of my Tone It Up sisters posted that she was making the Turkey Pumpkin Chili and I thought why not try making it. I have almost all of the ingredients and I just changed a few of them plus I added kale. Gotta get your greens in when you can.

I will tell you this recipe is wonderful. It is savory and sweet at the same time. The recipe is on their blog here. Like I said earlier, I just added kale and it was so filling. Plus I have a lot leftover for this week to eat for lunch.

Why not try it? I think you will love it and add it to you monthly cooking schedule.


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