Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fruit Salad

One of the best things I started doing when I got my groceries, was going ahead and washing all of my fruits and vegetables and cutting up anything that needed prepping.  I usually do this on Sunday mornings.  It takes some time but is so worth it during the week.  Also I have a tendency to eat the stuff and not waste it when it is prepped.

I know most of you are saying that this is too much work, but you will find that it helps tremendously.  One way to eat lots of fruit and not let it spoil, is making a fruit salad.  The one in the picture is not one that I cut up but was served at a breakfast we had this week so it reminded me how much more fruit I eat when it is served this way.

I will post a great fruit salad recipe later this week.


  1. That's a brilliant idea. I always wash my grapes when I first buy them. That way I can just grab and go.

  2. that is a great fruit salad. So good for us!

  3. I love fruit!! Please send me some from Central America



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