Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Day Slim Down

I am not sure if you have heard of the Tone It Up diet plan but my next couple of posts are going to be about me doing their 7 day slim down.

The Tone It Up plan was developed by Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson.  I encourage you to check out their blog. With the plan, there is an initial investment but then you get updates for free.  I already think the amount I paid is so worth it.

One thing I love about them is that they have great support through Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.  You feel like they are right there with you while on the plan. Plus they are constantly adding new videos to Youtube all the time. Here is a sample.

In doing these posts for the next 7 days, I want to share my experience, to not only help me but help you learn ways to get more fruit and veggies into your every day meals.  It is a lot easier than you think.  You just have to be creative at times.

So first I needed to read over the plan, which I did. Created my grocery list.

Then went grocery shopping.

Check out all those yummy veggies and fruits.  Plus a lot of water! Love Smart Water.  I bought so many goodies that you cannot even see everything.

Tonight I am getting all my fruit and veggies prepped so that I have everything ready for getting started tomorrow.

I am really excited about doing this but a little nervous because I am thinking about my Dr. Pepper and not being able to drink it. Love Dr. Pepper.

So tomorrow I will post my meals and what I did for exercise.  I hope you will continue to join me on this adventure.


  1. My kidney stone doctor at UVA told me I had to cut the protein and eat more of a vegetarian diet. Your cart full of vegetables reminded me of what he just stressed. We planted a very small garden and have enjoyed the produce although we have limited space to grow peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cukes, peas, and green beans.We love our herb garden. The farmers' markets have beautiful produce this time of the year.
    I was addicted to soft drinks and loved my Dr. Pepper. I fed the drink machine 50 cents every morning and at lunch time religiously when I taught school. But I have had to change that thinking in the past five years. Not to say I don't crave one everyday, I do. But I bet I just have one in a month's time at this point in my life. My dad used to own a service station before he bought the family farm in the late 40's. He made arrangements for the soft drink truck to stop by the farm once each month and deliver tons and tons of cased of Cokes. It would be nothing for me as a kid to drink 3-4 on a hot day especially if we were making hay. So this was a very early habit I acquired.
    Drink that water! Sometimes I just the small flavor packs from crystal Light, sometimes I make a lemonade cocktail with lemon juice, and splenda, and sometimes I drink the plain stuff.
    Good luck on this project. I am anxious to hear how you are doing!

  2. Good luck on the 7 day slim down. Keep us posted.



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