Sunday, July 31, 2011

7 Day Slim Down Day 2

It is day 2 of the Tone It Up Slim Down and I will tell you I woke up tired. I did not sleep the greatest so I am thinking this is some of it.  I did do my 30 minute bootycall this morning with Chloe.  It was a little difficult because of being tired but it was done.

My first meal was the slim down scramble again. After eating it though, I realized I was supposed to have a protein pancake. It pays to read over the plan each day, which I will now be doing.

This is an egg white scramble with mushrooms, spinach, and Ms. Dash for seasoning.  I drank a large cup of water with this meal.

Remember that you need to consume about half your body weight in water. They recommend getting at least 90 ounces of water in a day while on the slim down. This has not been trouble for me.  The more water I drink, the more I want to consume.

Meal 2 consisted of grapes this morning. I am trying to use up the fruits I had in the fridge.

After this meal, I was extremely hungry. Tried to drink water to take the edge off. Helped a little. I will also tell you that my energy level was almost non-exist at this point.  I feel this happens when I cut out all carbs from my diet. The first couple of days are bad and then I get my energy back.  I think everyone is different though.

Meal 3 was switched for meal 4. I ate my snack before my salad because I was still so hungry. I ended up having carrots and some hummus.

Next I ate my salad.  This ended up being very good.  I had the Morningstar crumbles which I added Ms Dash Southwest Chipolte seasoning.  Heated the crumbles in the microwave and then topped on the salad with lettuce, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, and sugar snaps.  It was really delicious.

I thought I would make it to the pool and then said no, but I did end up going and swam some laps and played in the water for awhile.

I also did these exercises to the best of MY ability.  I was like Karena.  Kept falling off.

These were actually fun.  Wish I was on the beach like K&K though.

My dinner ended up being the fish packets that I had last night. They were very easy and really tasty so I though why not do the same thing.

Not sure if I will have meal 6 tonight. I am not very hungry now and probably will just watch some TV or read and hit the bed early. Day 3 is close!


  1. Wow. It looks like you have to eat a lot of times on this diet. I would probably like that. But I understand when you get tired of eating. Good luck!

  2. The reason you felt so hungry after Meal 2 may have been because it was fruit - it spikes your blood sugar. My nutritionist actually had me take all fruit out of my diet so I could see how I felt when I started eating it again. I'm a bit insulin-resistant (lots of Type II diabetes in my family, although I do not have it) and fruit spikes my blood sugar, making me hungry all the time. If I pair it with a protein (and count it as my carb), it helps. Now I just mindfully eat fruit - realizing any hunger after it may not be real. Thank you for these posts!



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