Friday, December 10, 2010

Pass the Potatoes, No I Mean the Creamy Herbed Potatoes

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I went to see Ree Drummond who has a blog, The Pioneer Woman.
After hearing her talk I started looking at her site again and the recipes. She has so many but this one caught my eye because it sounded really yummy and I was not disappointed. However, who can be disappointed with this much butter and cream cheese. Her recipe for Creamy Herbed Potatoes and beautiful pictures are here.

First thing you need to do is slice an onion and I like my onion very fine.  Then you need to slice your potatoes.  She uses a mandoline and I did too.  It is really easy to use but if you do not have one, just slice them very thin.   Next you are going to melt 1 stick of butter in a pan.  I cut mine into small slices so that it will melt faster.  

Once it is melted, then you add your diced onions.  Stir them around and let them cook until somewhat soft.  

Then you are going to add the cream cheese, cream, and milk.  I actually substituted half and half for heavy cream and it worked fine. You will stir this mixture until it becomes a sauce adding salt and pepper to your liking.  You are also going to want to add the herbs, chives, parsley and sage.  Fresh if you have it.

Then you are going to butter a baking dish and add the potatoes.  See top picture.  Then pour the sauce over the potatoes.  See below picture. You need to mix the potatoes and sauce completely. Try and cover all of the potatoes. Then you are going to sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.

Then you are going to cover all of the potatoes with parmesan cheese. This is what gives them their golden color.

Remember that you can find her recipe here.

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  1. Your blog makes me hungry. I love love your posts with all the different recipes!



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