Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's In Season for December

The growing season in many parts of the country has stopped but not in other areas so I wanted to talk about what is currently in season.  In doing this, I found a great link that shows different states and what is being grown right now.

You will notice that a lot of the northern states have stopped growing but the southern ones have not.  This just makes sense because of temperatures.  I live in Oklahoma so the map shows beets, brussels sprouts, pecans, and potatoes.  Not many choices.  I am going to have to try beets and brussels sprouts though because I have never eaten either.

We have become so accustomed to buying whatever we want in the stores but we truly do not think about the amount of energy that it takes to transport these items.  We are now a society where we like lots of choices and I am truly grateful that we have all these choices but remember that this might be why prices are high on some items.

I challenge you the next time you go to the grocery store to start checking out where your product is from.  It should say on the tag or the package.  You will be amazed at how far some items travel.  Think about grapes from Chile.  It is around 5100 miles and this is a long way for anything to travel but especially fruit.

What fruit or veggies are you eating right now?  Do you have a tendency to eat something more in the winter than summer?  Watermelon is the first thing that comes to my mind for summer.  I think of apples this time of year. Tell me what you think?


  1. Pears! I eat a lot of pears in the Fall. My favorite is peach season.

  2. I enjoy going to the local farmer's market to see what's in season. It's currently closed for the season now. This time of year, I eat lots of oranges since my sorry self gets colds often.



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