Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Growing My Own Vegetables

Recently a friend on Facebook talked about her development of a community garden and I sent her a message immediately. The main reason is that I had never gardened and I thought this would be a great learning opportunity, especially since others were going to be working in the garden.

So Saturday I got to go out to the site and help out a little.  The half acre had already been plowed and my friend had acquired some compost from the City of Norman.  Here is her post. It is really interesting.  The Sexiest Men Alive.

My friend was so excited when she was explaining the garden to me and I loved it.  Her enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air.  It made me want to learn more so I asked several questions and then we started laying out the plots.  They had already been drawn but we needed to measure them out.  So here is the site after hammering in the stakes and drawing the string to show the plots.

Here is another shot that lets you see the size of the garden.  I realized that a half acre is quite large but it will be a great size once people start picking plots and working on it together.  

I think I was truly excited about this project because I learn from doing and I thought how could I go wrong working on a project where others were going to be doing mostly the same thing as I would be doing.  This was a win, win situation.  Plus my friend wants to have a plot so that some of what is grown is donated to a local food bank or other organization.  

This little bit of work took a lot of effort but I was so proud once we finished.  My friend also helped me the next day plant some lettuce and tomatoes. I am excited to see what is going to grow from the seeds.

I will be doing future posts on this project.  It is one thing to eat fruit and veggies but it is a whole other thing to grow them too.  


  1. Kristi, I'm so happy that you are enthusiastic about this project :)

    If any of your blog followers would be interested in being a part of Vis Solis Community Garden please send them my way and we can get them involved.


  2. It is interesting that you are into gardening this spring. So are we! Our daughter Cathy is very concerned about our food supply. We recently ordered heirloom seeds from the Southern Seed Exposure located close to Charlottesville. We are a little behind in getting things in the ground, but we have started seedlings. Good luck on your endeavors.

  3. Joan, Dad always has a nice garden and he just got his plowed.



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