Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TIP ME: Super Fast Dinner and Awesome Product

I had another crazy day today.  First it was the first day of the semester so we were more busy than usual and when I was coming back from lunch my car broke down.  After having the car towed I get back to the office and start wondering how I am going to get my dog home from doggie day care.  Finally found her a ride but forgot about myself.  It was sort of funny that I was so worried about her that I forgot about me. I did get home though.

So I needed a no brainer for dinner and decided to fix a turkey burger and green beans.  This is an easy one for me.  I use turkey because I do not eat a lot of red meat and prefer ground turkey.  This recipe can be used with ground beef though.

Turkey Burgers with Mozzarella Cheese and Pizza Sauce

1 pound of ground turkey or ground beef
egg white
handful of bread crumbs
parsley flakes
onion flakes or chopped onion
mozzarella cheese
pizza sauce

(I add ingredients by feel so I do not have specifics, you be the judge)

Mix all the ingredients (except cheese and pizza sauce) throughly in a bowl. Then divide into four equal amounts.  Make patties from these four amounts and then grill until cooked throughly.  Then right before done, top with pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese.  Let the cheese melt before serving.

While your turkey burgers are cooking you need to steam your vegetables.  You can choose any vegetables that you want.  I just happened to want green beans tonight.  Now here is the part about my favorite new product.  They are the steam bags by Ziplock.  They are awesome because they are so easy to use.  I just added some green beans, coconut butter, and Mrs. Dash for seasoning.  Heated them in the microwave for 3 minutes and voila, delicious!

One of the main reason I like them is because when you come home from the grocery store, go ahead and cut up your vegetables, section them out into these bags, add seasonings, and put in the refrigerator.  Then the night you are cooking, pull them out and pop them in the microwave.  How is that for easy!  You can even take them for lunch.

I hope that you enjoy this new find or maybe you are already using them.  If you are, let me know what you are using them for when you cook?  Would love ideas!

Well this is my easy dinner.  Hope you have those dinners that you go to when you have had a crazy day!  If you do, please share.

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  1. I love the idea of the zip and steam! I'll definitely check these out at the store!



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