Sunday, August 14, 2011

How Far? Really?

Do you ever truly think about where your food comes from?  I do. Lately it has really been on my mind because of recalls and an article that I read about the footprint of our food. So after doing some checking, I was shocked. This post mainly deals with canned food. I will talk about fresh and frozen on another post.

After cleaning out my cabinet where I keep canned food. I noticed most things came from the US. Like the salsa, diced tomatoes, green beans, and asparagus. But the water chestnuts and mandarian oranges came from China. The pineapple came from Philippines and my sun-dried tomatoes came from Turkey.

If  you think about this, these countries are a long way from the states and travel for miles to get to us. I wonder how old the food I am eating is? I will say I do not eat a lot of canned food.  Mainly tomato products, pumpkin, and soups.

Thanks to for photo.

It is truly amazing when you start looking at the cans and realize where they originated. They have traveled a long way. So I dare you to start looking at your canned food, notice where the food originated from, and think about the process that it took to get into the can that you are opening.

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