Monday, September 30, 2013

Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge First Weekend and Color Run Tips

Well I made it through the first week of the challenge and overall it went well. I just got a bit off track on eating on Sunday and I think this is mainly due to not having groceries in the fridge plus not having time to go to the grocery store.

The main part of the weekend I want to share with you is that I did my monthly 5k race. I talk more about my monthly 5k races in a later post. The race I did this month was Run or Dye, which is a color run. If you haven't done a color run, I definitely recommend doing one. They are a lot of fun. However this one was not my favorite mainly because it rained like crazy which caused a lot of disorganization with the race.

Here are some tips I learned from doing this race in the rain. These would also apply even if it does not rain.

1. Be prepared for anything and keep a positive attitude.
2. Have fun.
3. Do the race with friends, family or coworkers. However if you do it by yourself, talk to other people and enjoy yourself. It will make it more fun.
4. Wear sunglasses. I did not for this race because of the rain but tried to keep my face covered by my hat when they threw the powder. 
5. Do not do this race before a special event. You will have color on you even after showering.
6. Bring a change of clothes. Your change of clothes will still have color on it from your skin but it will be better than your covered outfit.
7. Bring towels and garbage bags and clothes that you do not care about if it calls for rain.
8. Cover your car seats with the towels and plastic before the race. I did it after and still had color all over my car.
9. Wear old shoes. I always wear a pair that I am getting ready to get rid of because then I do not care what they look like at the end of the race.
10. Grease your hair up with conditioner or oil. The color will come out easier. However I wore a hat and hair band so my hair really did not have color in it. Plus I have a really cool hat now.
11. Keep baby wipes in your car. Your hands will be a mess.
12. Keep your phone in a plastic ziplock or bring a camera you do not care that much about getting dirty. Designate one photographer in your group so not everyone gets messy. If you take pictures with your phone in a ziplock, make sure you pull the ziplock tight over the lens or your pictures will be blurry. 
13. Shower with a body scrub. It will help get most of the color off but you will still have some on you for several days. 
14. Bring water and a snack. Usually these races run out and do not provide any food at the end. 
15. Last tip. I will say again, Have Fun!

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