Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge Day 2

Yesterday I talked about Tone It UP's Frisky Fall Challenge starting and how I want to be more accountable. So I am going to try and post every day during this challenge. If you would like information about the challenge, you can find it here

My focus yesterday was on eating. I had prepped my food for the week on Sunday so everything was already made and portioned out into containers. This made it really easy on what to eat and was a life saver when I came home last night from work. I was too tired to cook so I just pulled out my container of food. Here is what was on my plates yesterday.

M1 peach and low fat string cheese
M2 perfect fit protein pancake
M3 spaghetti with brown rice pasta and green beans
M4 sugar snaps and hummus
M5 parmesan turkey cutlets, rice and roasted veggies
M6 (not pictured) pumpkin spice pudding made with almond milk

The wonderful drink in the ball jar is my favorite now. It is a mixture of pineapple juice, coconut water, and club soda. So refreshing.

Also I joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I have had a lot of success with tracking so I am going to use the Tone It Up plan for eating and exercise but use Weight Watchers for accountability. I really like the social media interaction that Tone It Up offers and I love the meetings and tracking that Weight Watchers offers so lets see what happens.

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