Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Navel is That My Belly Button?

The first type of orange I wanted to talk about is probably the most common, a navel orange.  Navel oranges have a growth of a second fruit at the apex, which protrudes and resembles a belly button or navel.   I actually did not know that it was called a navel orange for this reason. Did you?

Navel oranges are primarily used for eating rather than juicing.  First people like to eat them because they have less juice and thick skins. The thick skins makes it easier to peel. Also the rendering process of making juice causes it to be bitter so it is really not used for juice. The growing season is very long for these types of oranges. It is available in the US from November to April but they are at their peak January to March. That is why you see them a lot in the stores right now.

Do you like navel oranges? How do you eat these?


  1. This reminds me: a few years ago--when I was a meat-eater--I made a turkey breast and brined it with orange juice...
    I can't find the exact recipe now, but it was similar to this one:

    Given your appreciation for recipes, I thought you might appreciate this one!

  2. Christie, I will check it out. I like orange flavor in recipes!



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